Partial Knee Replacement Surgery:

Limb salvage surgery is a special treatment for patients with bone cancer/bone tumor in which bone cancer is removed and a new joint along with resected length of bone is implanted to provide form and function to the extremity.

This is the current method of treating bone cancers where the only form of treatment available about a decade back was amputation.  Bone cancers like sarcomas affect the bone near the joint and cause pain, swelling and sometimes a pathological fracture. 

The traditional treatment was to remove the extremity (amputation), which was mutilating and disheartening for the patients who are mostly young adults in this case. 

The current treatment is to give chemotherapy first to shrink the tumor and  prevent its spread in the body.  The next step is to perform limb salvage / limb sparing surgery. 

This is a highly complex, challenging and specialised surgery, which should be performed by surgeons specially trained in limb salvage surgery. 

In this surgery, blood vessels and nerves are dissected away from the tumor and bone tumor is removed along with safe margins of tissue and then replaced with a tumor endoprosthesis which gives excellent function and normal feel to the patient.  Patient can use the upper/lower limb normally after limb salvage surgery.

Dr. Anoop Jhurani is a specialist in joint replacement surgery and is trained in limb salvage surgery from the prestigious Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai.

Dr. Jhurani has pioneered limb salvage surgery in Rajasthan and has performed more than 300 limb salvage surgeries.  He has also done the first expandable thigh implant in Rajasthan. He has further performed distal femur, proximal femur, proximal tibial and shoulder limb salvage surgeries.