Doctor Anoop Jhurani is a robotic knee replacement surgeon in Jaipur, India.

Why choose doctor Anoop Jhurani for robotic knee replacement?

In Rajasthan and Central India, they launched a robotic knee replacement under the direction of Dr. Anoop Jhurani. We know him as one of the robotic knee replacement surgeons in Jaipur, India.

Dr. Anoop Jhurani has replaced over 12,000 knees and hips throughout his 15 years of providing care to Indian patients. Patients from all around India are welcome at the robotic knee implant Jaipur Center, which provides the best partial and total knee replacement results.

Several national and international newspapers, magazines, and television shows have featured Dr. Jhurani’s knee replacement surgery success. He is one of the best knee replacement surgeon in India, and he can perform partial or total knee replacements with excellent results.

Choosing robotic knee arthroplasty surgery with Dr. Anoop Jhurani has a lot of advantages, including the fact that it is safer, will cause less blood loss, and will require a shorter hospital stay.

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Why is robotic knee replacement surgery so popular?

Dr. Anoop Jhurani uses a robotic arm to replace the knee joint during the treatment. An orthopedic surgeon will replace the injured tissue with prosthetic joints after removing the damaged tissue.

Knee replacement procedures are more accurate, may result in a quicker recovery, and will deliver better outcomes. Dr. Anoop Jhurani performs the robotic knee replacement surgery in Jaipur.

The major benefits are:

Using surgery for knee replacement has already proven to be effective. The medical field has benefited in several ways:

1. Increased accuracy: Robotic procedures allow your orthopedic doctor to plan, remove tissue, and implant with more accuracy. Faster healing times, fewer problems, and a lesser need for revision surgery are all ‌effects of this.

2. Sparing ligaments: More patients can now undergo ligament-sparing total knee replacement surgery thanks to the improved precision and accuracy provided by the robotic-assisted knee replacement system.

3. Faster Recover: Faster healing times result from fewer incisions, more precise procedures, and shorter hospital stays.

What are the indications for knee replacement surgery:

Reasons to consider surgery by doctors.

  • Having knee pain while relaxing, either day or at bedtime
  • Knee pain restricts your daily routine activities like walking, running & resting.
  • Having swelling and hardness in the knee after medication.
  • Knee deformation
Computer Navigated total Knee Replacement India

For a knee replacement in Jaipur, get in touch with surgeon Dr. Anoop Jhurani if you want to have less painful procedure. Dr. Anoop Jhurani is the top surgeon for robotic knee arthroplasty, therefore, you don’t need to look further.

Robotic Knee Replacement in India
Revision hip and knee replacement surgery in Jaipur

Do robotic knee replacements work better?

Yes, robotic surgery has been found to produce superior results than traditional knee replacement. According to studies, robotic methods produce more accurate results. The better the score, the fewer the traumas to bone and tissue, and robotic help leaves precision that reduces traumatic areas.

How is Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery performed?

The robotic help is provided by advanced computer software that delivers accurate information about your knee to a robotics-assisted arm utilised by the physician during the procedure. The robotics-assisted arm’s boundaries are determined using patient-specific data, allowing the surgeon to precisely balance and position your joint components. Dr. Anoop Jhurani performs the simplest Robotic-Assisted Total Knee Replacement Surgery available.

What is the best type of knee replacement?

  • In total knee replacement surgery, the surgeon replaces the surfaces of the thigh and shin bones at the knee joint.
  • Partial knee replacement may be an option if you have strong knee ligaments and arthritis affects only one side of your knee.
  • A revision knee replacement is not the same as a complex knee replacement. Complex knee replacement is for people who have severe arthritis or have already had a knee replacement, also known as revision knee replacement.

What will be the duration after a robotic knee replacement?

After a total knee replacement, most patients can return to their normal routine activities in 3 to 6 weeks after the initial recovery period. Most people who have joint replacement surgery report a reduction in joint discomfort and an improvement in their ability to participate in daily activities when they have fully recovered.

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