Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery, India

Rajasthan’s first Robotic Technology Center for Joint Replacements

All over the world manual technique in joint replacements is being replaced by highly precise and accurate robotic technology for knee and hip replacements. In USA there are more than 400 robots for joint replacements while in India there are only 4.

The first robotic total knee joint replacements in Rajasthan and Central India has been launched by Dr. Anoop Jhurani, Director, Joint replacement services, Fortis Hospital, Jaipur.
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Dr. Anoop Jhurani, who has the experience of performing more than 10,000 Joint Replacements has been serving Rajasthan’s Patients for last 14 years. Our centre aims to give best possible results of Robotic Partial and Total Knee Replacement and serve patients from all over India.

The main advantages of Robotic Partial & Total Knee Replacements are:

1. Highly accurate and reproducible partial knee replacements.
2. 3D morphing and mapping of knee data on the robot and accurate robotic assisted knee replacement.
3. The potential for better long term function of joint, which makes the surgery very useful for young arthritic patients.
4. Faster recovery & less blood loss.

Latest advanced Robotic Arm Technique for Joint Replacement
Latest advanced Robotic Arm Technique for Joint Replacement.

Robotic Knee Replacement, Jaipur (India)

Accurate alignment and perfect ligament balancing are crucial to give long lasting satisfactory results to patient undergoing knee replacements. Incorrect alignment can lead to early wear, mechanical loosening of new implanted prosthesis and pattelofemoral problems. A functional joint replacement has to be well aligned, which implies that it should be along the mechanical axis and in correct axial and rotational planes of the joint.

The latest advance for more precise surgery and better results is robotic technology for joint replacements. Robotic arm technology is used to customize joint replacement surgery to patient’s unique anatomy, which means newly replaced joint will fit more precisely and less or no damage to healthy part of joint that it would with manual surgery.


3D Morphing & mapping of knee data on the Robot & accurate robotic assisted knee replacement.