Benefits of Robotic & Computer Assisted Surgery

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Robotic Joint Replacements

Smaller Scars

Hip Replacement

Bone Saving

Knee Replacement

Fast Recovery Time

best Hip Replacement

Less Pain & Blood Loss

best Knee Replacement

Accurate Alignment & Balance

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Quick Return to Normal Activity

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Computer assisted

Computer Assisted Surgery

CAS improves a surgeon’s ability to visualize a patient’s anatomy, track instruments, and deliver greater surgical precision.

Partial Knee

Partial Knee Replacement

Partial Knee Replacement is beneficial in patients having arthritis of only one compartment of the knee. Resurfacing of single compartment is a smaller surgery with preservation of all ligaments.

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Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement is a surgery of accuracy and perfection. Dr Jhurani replaces arthritic knees by preserving the posterior cruciate ligament and using best Computer Assisted Surgery.

Bilateral Knee

Bilateral Knee Replacement

Both knee replacements on the same day in same sitting is a safe procedure today with the help of Computer Navigation as it reduces blood loss and fat embolism.Dr Jhurani has expertise in this.

Hip Replacement Services Jaipur

Hip Replacement Surgery

Dr Jhurani specializes in Best Hip Replacement Surgery both in young and elderly. He uses minimal invasive and painless techniques, latest ceramic implants for successful and long lasting results.

revision surgery

Revision Surgery

Dr Jhurani is specially skilled to carry out best and complex redo and revision hip and knee replacement surgery. He is often invited to conferences to demonstrate revision joint surgery.


Dr. Jhurani is a well trained, fully qualified and experienced doctor in the field of Joint Replacements Surgery in Jaipur. Knee Replacement in Jaipur Hip Replacement in Jaipur He is best knee, hip joints and specialist Best orthopedic surgeon in Jaipur. He has became the best total hip joint replacement and Arthroscopic surgeon in India. He has built a department at Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur of national repute and well known for outstanding patient care, excellent surgical outcomes, academics & research.

He gives adequate time for pre-operation consultation, focuses completely on patient care and leads a team of dedicated clinicians and staff.

  • He has documented experience of over 7500 Joint Replacements including Robotic and Computer Assisted Knee, Hip and Revision Joint Replacements.
  • He had performed live Surgery in other countries like Bangladesh and Vietnam. He is often an invited speaker at national and international forums.
  • He is currently the President of Indian Arthroplasty Association (IAA).
  • He has pioneered computer-aided surgery in Rajasthan in 2008 and Robotic Surgery in 2018.

More than 8500 successful Joint Replacements so far….


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