Anoop Jhurani is an exceptionally talented orthopedic surgeon who specializes in doing revision knee and hip
replacement surgery in Jaipur, India,
using computer-assisted techniques.

Best Revision Knee & Hip Surgery in Jaipur, India

During a hip revision procedure, a replacement joint that has worn out, grown loose, or developed a condition may be replaced or resurfaced. X-ray tests allow the orthopedic surgeon to identify any changes, keep track of them, and make plans for corrective surgery before a serious issue arises.

Before we can implant a new prosthesis during revision hip surgery, the old prosthesis, the cement, the surrounding tissue, and the dead bone must be removed. Orthopaedics Dr. Anoop Jhurani has patented new revision surgery methods for the hip and knee and typically produce superior results with fewer complications.

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Revision Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery in Jaipur Dr Anoop Jhurani, Revision Knee and Hip Replacement Surgery in india Dr Anoop Jhurani
Revision Knee Replacement Surgery in Jaipur Dr Anoop Jhurani, Revision Knee Replacement Surgery in india Dr Anoop Jhurani

How does revision surgery work?

One of the most effective medical procedures is total knee replacement. Most of the time, this allows people to enjoy longer, more active lives without experiencing chronic knee pain. However, knee replacements may stop working overtime for several causes. You can experience discomfort and swelling in your knee at this point. It might feel stiff or unstable, making it challenging to carry out your usual tasks.

Best Revision Hip Replacement Surgery in Jaipur Dr Anoop Jhurani, Revision Hip Replacement Surgery in india Dr Anoop Jhurani

Besides being effective in getting rid of pain, the best revision knee & hip replacement surgery in Jaipur, India, can help patients in reducing the amount of discomfort they experience. Regardless of whether they have conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or others, or whether they were hurt in an accident.

Here are some ‌reasons to get a revision hip and knee replacement surgery:

1. Implant Wear and Loosening

It must firmly fix an implant to the bone for a total knee replacement or hip replacement to function effectively. The implant was either press-fitted or glued to the bone during the initial surgery to allow the bone to develop on its surface. The implant was, in any event, firmly secured. However, with time, an implant may become detached from the underlying bone, resulting in knee pain.

2. Infection

Any surgical surgery, including total knee replacement, has the risk of infection. Both before and after you leave the hospital, you may contract an infection. Even years afterward, it may still occur.

An artificial joint that contracts an infection may become uncomfortable and stiff. It's possible that the implant will ‌separate from the bone. Even though the implant is still secured to the bone, discomfort, swelling, and infection drainage are frequently required.

3. Instability

Your knee may become unstable if the ligaments surrounding it suffer from trauma or are not adjusted appropriately. Any modification to the patient's existing ligaments may prohibit the implant from functioning effectively because it makes most implants work with them.

4. Fractures

We know a fractured bone that develops close to the parts of a complete knee replacement as a peri prosthetic fracture. These fractures, which frequently originate from falls, typically call for revision surgery.

5. Stiffness

You might not always be able to regain the range of motion you require for daily activities after a total knee replacement. This may occur if there is an excessive amount of scar tissue around the knee joint. Your doctor might try "manipulation under anesthetic" if this occurs.

Consult Dr. Jhurani for Revision Knee & Hip Replacement Surgery in Jaipur

Dr. Anoop Jhurani is one of the best revision knee and hip replacement surgeons in Jaipur, India. He performs these procedures. Hip replacement surgery is surgeon Dr. Anoop Jhurani's area of expertise, and he has conducted many difficult and revision hip replacements.

One of the best revision knee and hip replacement doctors in Jaipur, India. As a surgeon, he has the expertise, experience, and a history of excellent surgical results.

The skill and experience of Dr. Anoop Jhurani and his track record of superior surgical outcomes have made him the first choice for revision hip & knee replacement surgeries in Jaipur.


A primary knee replacement's post-operative treatment is quite similar to that of a second knee replacement. Physical therapy, blood management, as-needed pain medication, antibiotics, and some form of blood clot prevention are all included in the treatment plan. After the procedure, the joint may be protected with a brace or splint.

The primary goal of hip revision surgery is to fix an artificial hip implant that has become loosely attached to the bone, causing aberrant mobility and pain in the patient. The goal of hip revision surgery is to heal the hip and get it back to where it can function normally.

Revision Hip Replacement Doctor in jaipur Dr Anoop Jhurani, Revision Hip Replacement Surgeon in india Dr Anoop Jhurani

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