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Fellowship in Hip and Knee Surgery


Orthopaedic specialist with a
fellowship in advanced knee and hip surgery.

Fellowship in Knee and Hip Surgery

We provide 4 weeks fellowship program for orthopedic surgeons interested in Joint Replacement Surgery. Fellow will be able to learn fine aspects of Robotic and Computer Assisted Surgery and understand the principles of partial, total knee, hip and revision surgeries.

Dr. Jhurani specialises in the treatment of early, moderate, and severe osteoarthritis of the knee, as well as ligament and meniscal injuries. Dr. Jhurani believes in knee preservation, which means preserving as much of the natural knee structures and soft tissues as possible. As a result, he uses the most advanced robotic technology in knee replacement surgery.

Fellowship Program knee and hip surgery Dr Anoop Jhurani, Fellowship Program knee and hip surgery in jaipur Dr Anoop Jhurani

This fellowship aims to provide balanced evidence-based, patient-centered arthroplasty training. The fellow will be given increasing levels of responsibility in the operating room and outpatient clinic, allowing him to learn a systematic approach to treating arthritic patients and develop a comprehensive treatment plan that includes pre-operative optimization, implant selection, and post-operative care. The fellow will gain confidence in a variety of surgical approaches to the problem.

  • Fellow will first be trained in preoperative evaluation, proper patient selection and radiological planning of patients undergoing Joint Replacements.
  • He will be able to scrub in selected cases of Robotic and Computer Assisted Surgery and learn the principles of deformity correction and soft tissue balance.
  • Furthermore he will be trained in post operative evaluation and prevention of complications.
  • Fellow will also be given an insight on meticolours data collection and arthroplasty research.
  • A well designed certificate will be given on successful completion of fellowship.
  • Complimentary accommodation is provided near the hospital. (Fortis Hospital Jaipur).

Fellowship Program knee and hip surgery in india Dr Anoop Jhurani, Fellowship Program knee and hip Replacement in jaipur Dr Anoop Jhurani For more details you can email on anoopjhurani@gmail.com