Total knee replacement is meticulously performed by Anoop Jhurani and his team of skilled specialists.

Robotic Total Knee Replacement in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Robotic total knee replacement is provided by Dr. Anoop Jhurani and his highly competent team of knee replacement doctors and surgeons in Jaipur. We are one of the most experienced knee replacement centres in Jaipur, India.

Robotic technology allows knee replacement surgeons to be extremely precise when repairing damaged bone surfaces. The procedure is extremely precise and enables a perfect bespoke fit. We can also increase the implant's endurance and longevity because of this. Furthermore, in all sizes, we can place the implants in near-perfect alignment, resulting in a more comfortable knee for the patient.

Robotic knee replacement surgery allows the surgeon to gather patient information and create a dummy that aids in surgical planning. A robotic system and a combined instrument are utilised in robotic joint replacement surgery to achieve precise surgical outcomes.

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Robotic Total Knee Replacement India Dr Anoop Jhurani, Best Total Knee Replacement in jaipur Dr Anoop Jhurani

Types of Knee Replacement Surgery

Recently, the human world has seen a dramatic transformation in its medical realm, with new techniques and technologies rapidly displacing traditional treatments. Many patients have found that knee replacement surgery has allowed them to live a regular and safe life. Patients express their joy at being able to resume their usual lives following treatment with robotic technology.

Osteoarthritis Symptoms Include:

  • Knee Joint discomfort (when moving or sitting)
  • Knee Joint stiffness
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Knee Joint deformities such as bow-legs and knock-knees
Total Knee Replacement in India Dr Anoop Jhurani, Total Knee Replacement Doctor in Jaipur Dr Anoop Jhurani

Traditional Knee Replacement Surgery

The standard of care for knee replacement surgery is traditional surgery. Manual devices such as alignment rods and rotational guides are used in this procedure. This procedure normally replaces only a portion of the joint, with the major benefit of replacing damaged components with prosthetic implants. The patient experiences a more natural feeling and can resume regular activities after surgery or the replacement of damaged components of the knee joints.

Benefits of Robotic Total Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Consistency, precision, simplicity, and natural-feeling
  • It is also safe and scalable.
  • Replicable and unrivalled results
  • Blood Loss Is Minimal
  • After surgery, you should be able to walk/climb steadily and with less muscle strain.

Robotics Knee Replacement

This technique was developed to increase surgical accuracy, and it is now widely utilised to improve alignment and joint line repair. With a robotic-assisted approach, it is primarily utilised to size and position the whole knee implant accurately. Robotic knee replacement is a computer-assisted procedure that collects an overall picture of your knee. Because of this technique, the surgery's precision improves.

Total Knee Replacement Doctor in india Dr Anoop Jhurani, Robotic Total Knee Replacement in jaipur Dr Anoop Jhurani
Robotic Total Knee Replacement Doctor in Jaipur Dr Anoop Jhurani, Robotic Total Knee Replacement Doctor in india Dr Anoop Jhurani

Many surgical factors are manually managed by orthopaedic surgeons during this procedure in order to position the specific cut guides exactly as intended, dependent on the patient's structure. The most advanced robotic technology for knee replacement surgery is a novel alternative to conventional surgical techniques.

These surgeries are commonly done with the help of bone-cutting guides, but today's most advanced robotic technology for knee replacement surgery is a novel alternative to conventional surgical techniques. Robotic technology is best known for reducing blood loss, improving knee function, and speeding up recuperation. The amount of blood lost is negligible, and the patient is back on his feet in a few days.


Patients frequently enquire as to why a knee replacement is necessary. While the answer is obvious (you need one to move around), patients often assume it's a difficult and maybe life-threatening procedure. This is not the case at all.

You can rest easy knowing that most people with arthritis require a knee replacement. Knee replacements are one of the most successful and effective surgical procedures. Dr. Anoop Jhurani has made knee replacement in Jaipur easier. But first, let's look at the elements that influence the decision to have a robotic knee replacement.

The most common cause of knee pain is arthritis, which is caused by the joint deteriorating.

Arthritis comes in many forms, the most prevalent of which is osteoarthritis. The knee, hip, and spine are the most typically affected weight-bearing joints. The utmost cause for knee replacement surgery is osteoarthritis.

Because it causes the cartilage between the bones of the joint to disintegrate, osteoarthritis is usually referred to as a wear-and-tear disease of the joints. The bones of the joint rub against one other as the healthy cartilage degrades, creating discomfort and disability in the patient.

Knee replacement surgery is the technique of choice when conservative treatments for osteoarthritis, such as lifestyle changes, medication, and physical therapy, have failed. Also known as knee arthroplasty, it is a surgical technique that involves replacing the damaged surfaces of the knee joint to reduce pain and impairment, as well as correct misalignment.

Severe osteoarthritis of the knees is the most common reason for considering knee replacement surgery. Knee replacement is often shown for patients whose knee joints have been destroyed by trauma or other joint-destructive disorders. Other populations at risk include people with tight knees who find it difficult to engage in activities such as walking.

Rheumatoid arthritis and traumatic arthritis are two further types of arthritis that can be considered. Patients with haemophilia and gout are another population to think about. Replacement solutions, on the other hand, are only explored for individuals who have tried and failed in various pain treatment approaches.

One can expect relief from persistent joint pain after surgery, thanks to the implanted prosthesis and physical treatment. Legs that aren't rigid can move in a more natural way. One can go about their daily routines, such as walking, with relative ease.

Robotic Total Knee Replacement Surgeon in Jaipur Dr Anoop Jhurani

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